Auto Insurance – Who Gets The Best Deals?

When a person purchases their first or new car, there is excitement in the air.  However, one thing that can put a dampener on the experience is looking for cheap auto insurance quotes. To add to the frustration, some people seem to get better deals on their car insurance than others, but why?

It’s all About Risk

The job of an insurance policy is to make sure the driver is covered against accidents and collisions where they might injure themselves or other people.  They can also cover costs for the driver if the car is vandalized or stolen for instance.

Because the insurance companies need to pay out the cost of covering these eventualities, they need to know how likely it is that any of these things might happen to the policy holder, or in short, how much of a risk they present.  Once this has been worked out, a quote is given.  The following are particular groups which insurance companies tend to use as guides when working out rates.

New Drivers/Teenagers

This particular group tends to get stung with their premiums.  From the insurance carriers point of view, new driver means inexperience and possibly, slight recklessness due to the excitement of being on the open road on their own.  This all means that they are more likely to have a collision.  There are a few things which might be able to lower the rates though for people in this predicament:

  • Complete a driver’s training course – Some insurance companies will actually refer drivers to a course on request.  This will instantly lower the premiums as well as giving new driver’s more confidence on the road.
  • Students may be able to get a discount for being a student, but also if they can provide good school records showing a 3.0 GPA or above.  The grades reflect the kind of person who is intuitive and pays attention in school, hence the kind of person who should make a good driver.


Statistically, women have fewer accidents than men and insurance companies mostly offer lower rates to their female clients, unless of course they have made a previous claim or have an unclean driving record.


Men are stuck with higher rates than women, because of the statistics on show.  However, there are certain discounts which are available to men.  For instance, the older men get, the more the rates come down, especially if they have years of a clean driving record under their belts.

Home Owners

Home owners are placed in a favorable price bracket as they are seen as responsible people.  They also have the luxury of combining their home insurance with their auto insurance to bring the price of both policies down.

Married People

Married couples, similar to home owners, are believed by many insurance companies to be less of a risk because of their family commitments.  They too can enjoy good rates and possibly multiple policy discount if both partners have a car or if they insure two drivers on the one car.

At first glance it might seem that some people get better deals on car insurance than others but there is always a way to beat the price down with a little time and effort.

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