Top Companies for Cheap Auto Insurance

The one thing that motorists agree upon is that they need cheap auto insurance for their cars.  Finding the companies that offer special deals or discounts is not hard to do since the internet came into play.  Of course, which companies are the best is a subjective matter since we all have our own particular likes and dislikes.  But there are some companies around which offer some good deals and these are listed here.

List of Popular Companies

  • Esurance – If the comments are to be believed on this one, some drivers claim to have saved more than five hundred dollars on a six month policy.  Although price should not be the only way to choose insurance for the car, it has to be considered since we all love to make savings in these hard economic times.  It is simple to fill in the documentation online so it is very convenient for those people who work and they don’t have to go to the office to pay the bills.  The policy is delivered online too so there is little lag time between booking the insurance and printing it out at home.
  • Liberty Mutual – is another online insurance company that has good and competitive pricing.  Some comments on their blogs recommended the company for cars only and not for RVs and it was suggested that the driver keep checking the policy when it was up for renewal to avoid any increases in premiums.
  • State Farm – This is a very popular company that offers many kinds of insurance as well as reasonably priced auto insurance.  Even health is covered by this company so the driver may well attract discounts if he moves all his insurance needs to them.  The benefit of this company is that it is online twenty four hours per day so there is always someone available to advice on insurance issues.  Some insurance is free providing several policies are held with them so this is a good way to save some dollars.  This company has many glowing references online so it is well worth taking a look at what they can offer.
  • Allstate – This insurance company will offer ‘forgiveness’ for no accidents which literally translates into lower premiums.  Staff are trained to assist drivers and don’t pick too much when it comes to making claims.  Some companies pay the bare minimum and try to cut down on their payouts.  If they only knew how many clients they lose in this way, other companies may follow Allstate’s lead on this.
  • Progressive – This insurance company has online facilities and it is very simple to see what they have on offer.  Even if their client is making a claim, many reports suggest that the process is simple.  This is what drivers like since any argument at this stage could lose any insurance company a valuable customer.
  • Nationwide – This insurance company is known for trying to cut rates to the bare minimum.  They are extremely user friendly and will make the effort to help clients new and old.
  • 21st Century – This insurance company has a great reputation and the driver gets free roadside assistance thrown in as well.  Not only that, with the competitive rates they offer, and the excellent service, this must be one of the best insurance companies around today.
  • AAA – This is a highly regarded insurance company and sits firmly among the top companies for auto insurance.  People comment on how courteous and professional the agents are and it is said to be one of the companies that others fear for competition.  Maybe this one should be tried and tested along with all the others.

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