Cheap Auto Insurance in Michigan

In Michigan you are required to have insurance. In fact, Michigan is a no-fault state which means that you have to have the minimum levels of no-fault insurance that are mandated by state law. In case you don’t know, no-fault insurance is something that is used by several states. It basically means that when there is an accident there is not blame placed on one part or the other. Simply put, your insurance company will take care of your damages and the other parties insurance will take care of theirs. If you are shopping around for new Michigan car insurance you are doing the right thing- comparing quotes will ensure that you get a good price. However, you also need to know what the minimum limits are so that you are sure to get what you are required to have.

The state laws in Michigan say that you must have$20,000 of insurance for one person injured in an accident, $40,000 for multiple people as well as $10,000 in property damage insurance. All told, these state mandated minimums are not that much and should be able to be had for a great price. If, however, you opt to not have car insurance not only are you in violation of the law but you will be punished when you get caught. The minimum penalty for driving without insurance in Michigan is a fine and suspension of your license. In the long run the cheapest thing to do is have the car insurance that is required by law.

Now that you know what the minimum levels of coverage are you need to know how to find a good policy for a great price. For most people the process of shopping around for car insurance is the best route. You can gather a few rate quotes and then compare them together to see which one best fits your needs. Comparing car insurance together is the smart thing to do- you can look at all of the information that you have and make an informed decision on which policy is best for you.

When you know what you are required to have by law and take the time to compare car insurance quotes you will feel great about the purchase that you ultimately make. Not only will you be compliant with state laws, but you will also be getting what you need for a really good price.

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