Cheap Auto Insurance in Oregon

Auto Insurance Requirements in Oregon

Oregon on drivers who want to legally drive their vehicles are required by law to purchase an insurance policy. They can choose between cheap auto insurance, which covers only liability and a couple of other things, or a more expensive policy to include things like comprehensive, collision, and full glass. In either case, driving without insurance is illegal.

The state is similar to others in that insurance is the only option for furnishing proof of financial responsibility. There’s no opportunity to purchase a bond, leave the cash deposit with the state treasurer, or even self-insure (unless you’re a car dealer with an extensive inventory). That means drivers have to be more diligent in searching out the most affordable policy for their needs.

Oregon is also different than some other states in that their minimum requirements are more comprehensive. For example, in New York drivers are only required to carry standard liability and uninsured/underinsured (UM) coverage. In Oregon it’s a little more complicated. Any insurance policy purchased in that state will include at least:

• $25,000 per accident – covers injury, death, and personal property damage to another driver
• $50,000 per accident – covers injuries and deaths of multiple persons
• $10,000 per accident – covers property damage incurred by others not directly involved in the accident
• $15,000 personal injury protection (PIP) – covers your own medical bills
• $25,000/$50,000 UM coverage – takes the place of liability if you are hit by someone who has no insurance

If you’re registering a classic collector car used primarily for car shows, or you have to farm vehicles used exclusively on your property, you may be exempt from having to carry minimum liability insurance.

Oregon Random Checks

Oregon is among a group of states that enforces insurance regulations by randomly checking on the state’s drivers. If you’re chosen for a random check you’ll receive a letter in the mail requiring you to furnish the name of your insurance company and your policy number. The Department of Motor Vehicles will contact the insurance company to check on your policy.

If it’s found that you have no insurance you will have to pay some fines in addition to immediately purchasing a cheap car insurance policy and filing an SR-22 affidavit with the state. That affidavit will need to remain in force for three years. Unfortunately, the affidavit also increases your rates.

Carry Proof of Insurance with You

When you purchase an insurance policy your provider will send you the insurance ID card to be carried in your vehicle. It must be presented to a police officer during a traffic stop or accident investigation; otherwise you’ll be issued a citation. You’ll also need it when registering a new vehicle or renewing an existing registration.

The cheapest car insurance available in Oregon is a minimum liability policy as required by law. But if you can afford the extra coverages they may be appropriate to your circumstances. Whatever you do, don’t drive in Oregon without insurance.

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